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Objectives: To present a new form of using the peri-urethral adjustable cuff in the treatment of female Urinary Incontinence

Patientes and Methods: Five patients of feminine Sex with ages varying between 55 and 78 years carriers of stress Urinary Incontinence were treated through the implantation of a peri-urethral adjustable cuff using a combined access, perineal and abdominal. The device used here as a sling because it will not suffer activation is coupled around the urethra and adjusted in accordance with its diameter. Through a small incision in the anterior abdominal wall, a Pereyra type needle is inserted in the cuff tube is brought to the anterior abdominal wall where its valve is connected and inserted in the sub cutaneous space.
Results: The medium follow up is still very small, but all patients became continent after its implantation. In the first case due to a technical failure had to be removed due to dehiscence of the perineal wound.
Conclusions: The peri urethral expander seems like a good alternative for the treatment of female Urinary Incontinence when used with a sling.

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