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The pudendal anal reflex presented a variable result depending on the intensity of the stimulus given, promoting 3 stages of reflex latency. Larger intensities leaded to less time of latency.
In the urethro anal reflex, multiplying the obtained threshold, there were no alterations of latency time. We observed a presence of electric activity, anterior to the consistent answer found. This suggests that the urethro anal reflex shows a component of rapid transmission similar to the one found in the pudendal anal reflex. However a preponderancy of a belated transmission characterized by the longer time of latency, confers to the urethro anal reflex a pattern of polysynaptic transmission, with a smaller diameter and penetration of nervous fiber in relation to the pudendal anal.
A larger casuistry is necessary for a better standardization of these reflexes, aiming to establish a creditable control group for the future comparative studies with women who present alterations in urethral continence.