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The intensity of the researched stimulus of the pudenda anal reflex are shown in the chart below.

Chart 1.


3 ls


4 ls


5 ls


6 ls


7 ls


8 ls


9 ls


latency (ms)








Is sensitive threshold. Ms-milliseconds.

The results obtained with 3 thresholds were superior to the ones observed with a higher intensity in all cases. With 4 thresholds the latency was higher than the ones observed with higher stimulus in 72% of the cases. This happened in 60% of the reflexes with 5 thresholds and in all with 6 thresholds, 7, 8 and 9 thresholds did not present significant differences.
The urethro anal reflex was obtained with intensities between 3 and 5 sensorial thresholds. There were no variations in the latency with raising the stimulus intensity. An initial component was observed, more precocious and tenuous, which value was between 35.2-59.6ms. (mean of 44.5ms) the other answer, later and consistent, presented results between 49.6-72.0ms (mean of 59.2ms)