"Enuresis risoria" or "giggle incontinence" is a condition characterized by the sudden vesicle emptying, involuntary and complete during situation of intense laughter or burst of laughter1.
It is not uncommon the occurrence of urinary loss during laughter or a burst of laughter. Frequently there is a stress urinary loss, induced by the increase of abdominal pressure. A small amount of patients lose urine by involuntary contraction of the detrusor, stimulated by laughter. The frequency of this disturbance is larger in children, adolescents and young women that do not present stress urinary incontinence. Exceptionally, the problem persists when they are adults. Urinary loss does not appear in situations of light or moderate laughter, but it does when the laughter becomes a burst, reaching hysteria2. The urodynamic study may be normal or show alterations up to 55% of patients that we suspect have "giggle incontinence" as an instability of the detrusor, stress incontinence is a urethral instability3. It is not likely that we can reproduce the symptom during a urological evaluation (unless the urodynamist is the best comedian in the world).