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Physiotherapy is a therapy through movement. The movements or exercises are used as a form of treatment since pre-history, having as a base the precept that repetitive voluntary movements enlarge muscular force 1. Other beneficial effects may be obtained through these exercises, such as resistance to fatigue, improvement of flexibility mobility, and muscular coordination. The strength and ability that a muscle has, or a group of muscles has to develop tension that results in a maximum effort, dynamic as well as static, in relation to the imposed resistance to this musculature 2. The force of a muscle is measured by manual tests, or using specific equipment, where the answer to the muscular contraction is graduated against gravity or a maximum resistance. These muscular tests will evaluate the strength, and the degree of deficit of the muscle 3 .Different factors may alter the structure and function of the muscle fiber, since the frequency of its use till the nutritional state of the organism, showing that the muscular pattern can vary a lot 4.
The exercises must be apart of a program of treatment with an appropriate prescription, and the results should be of an improvement of a muscular function. The exercises used as therapy are based on the hypothesis that the muscles adapt to the overcharges that they are submitted to 5. This way so an increase occurs in strength, this muscle must be demanded repeatedly against a stronger resistance, without producing trauma 5. The final proposal of an exercise program is to improve the function or acting of a muscle or a muscular group5. Facilitating methods exist as a reflex technique, electrical stimulation or biofeedback that stimulate or assist the therapeutical exercises of the program. As strength improves, assistance is less necessary and the exercise may be done more actively 5. The objectives of the program are the improvement of muscular strength or resistance to fatigue, and coordination of movements. The resistance used is important and will vary in the dependency of the objective of the exercise program 5. In the conventional medical model the patients are used to being treated passively, many times they do not understand the need of their participation and effort. The indication of an exercise program as a form of treatment must be convincing on the part of the doctor and the therapist so the patient will participate in the treatment process.