-  the instillation caused light vesical irritating  symptoms in 80% of the patients, in the first 12 hours after the instillation.

                               URINATION DIARY

NOCTURIA         URINARY LOSS                           FREQUENCY

(X/ night)                   (X/day)                                 (X/day)

PRE installation      3                          4                                             12

POST instillation  1 (p<0.05)         1 (p<O,05)                                 6 (p<0,05)


                                                         URODYNAMIC STUDY


                            VOL 1 CNI                   Pdet CNI            VESICAL CAPACITY

                                (ml)            (cmH2O)                      (ml)

PRE installation            80                    45                             202

POST-installation         180(p<0,05)   38 (p>0,05)          350 (p<0,05)

Vol.1 CNI: present vesical volume in the first detrusor involuntary contraction; Pdet CNI: maximum
detrusor pressure reached by involuntary detrusor contractions; CNI: involuntary detrusor contraction.