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Table 1.
Classification of the Causes of Vesicovaginal Fistulas*  

         Total abdominal hysterectomy
         Vaginal hysterectomy
         Suspension of the bladder neck
         Anterior colporraphy
         Radical hysterectomy
         Pelvic laparoscopy
         Biopsy in cone of the uterine neck
Advanced carcinoma
Infection Tuberculosis
Vesical or vaginal extraneus bodies
subtrigonal injection therapy (phenol) 

Table 2.
Indication of the Use of Patches In the
Correction of Vesicovaginal Fistulas

Large fistulas
Complex fistulas
Fistulas localized in the vaginal dome
Multiple fistulas
Recurring fistulas
Fistulas with the presence of intense fibrosis
Post-radiotherapy fistulas
Fistulas with an ischemic cause
Doubt in the quality of the suture