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The female urethra is a fibrous muscular tube that measures 3 to 5 cm in length covered by a transition stratified epithelium which originales approximately from the bladder, it is distally squamous, derived from the vulvar epithelium1. Estrogenic receptors are observed on its wall, in larger abundance in the distal urethra2. The urethra’s epithelium transforms due to estrogenic privation in menopause, causing the transformation of the epithelium from squamous to columnar which characterizes senile urethritis3. In the vulvar dystrophies an urethral mucous atrophy occurs current to the low hormonal level, causing a dryness of the urethra and consequently hypervascularization, this sensitive to infections and traumas (previous surgeries), it may cause a stenosis, generally a meatus stenosis4 associated in some cases to urinary incontinence, which treatment consists of hormonal reposition, urethral dilation, meatotomy and in some cases plastic surgery.
On the other hand, urinary incontinence (U) may be secondary intrinsic insufficiency of the urethral sphincter in 10% of the cases due to loss of mucous coaptation (Mucosa Seal), resulting from the low level of strogen in menopause and previous surgeries for correction of the IU5.
In the present case it was about a patient that presented a urethral meatus stenosis, with obstructive symptoms and urinary incontinence to minimum stress, resulting from an intrinsic from lesion of the external urethral sphincter secondary to trauma because of the continuing attempts of urinary incontinence correction. We made the correction of the urethral stenosis and urinary incontinence successfully. The patient is in the follow-up of 1 year, continent and with normal urinations and Qmax=30mls, showing that in rare cases of urethra stenosis associated to urinary incontinence of the sphincterian type, a treatment of the stenosis and urinary incontinence in a concomitant way.

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